About SAI Technologies

Sai Technology provides end-to-end supply chain solutions for all categories of Information Technology, Telecom, AMR System, Multi-Level Automated Car Parking Solution, and Solar products.

Growing from strength to strength as a leading end-to-end supply chain solutions provider

Leading the technology distribution business in India

At Sai Technology, we’ve been instrumental in incubating and shaping India’s technology distribution business through its various stages of evolution over the years. We have metamorphosed from a Volume distributor of IT Products to the leading value-added Customer in the country. Today, apart from distributing computing devices meant for consumers, we also provide customized solutions from the world’s leading technology vendors through our VAR & SI partners to help corporates address their business challenges and deliver outcomes that lead to enhancement of productivity and better experience for their individual customers.

Redefining state-of-the-art Enterprise IT Distribution

Today, in the digital-first world, businesses are embarking upon deploying increasingly sophisticated IT systems to automate and modernize their operations. Sai Technology with leading global technology innovators to help bring these technology solutions for businesses in India. Our team of experts works with system integrators and value-added resellers countrywide.

A pioneer and leader in distributing Consumer Technology

Sai Technology is a leading supply chain solutions provider for global brands of IT hardware and peripherals.

The distribution ecosystem for IT products has played a very important role in taking the technology and its products within easy accessibility of all classes of the Indian consumer. Starting with a 2-branch, 2-dealer operation in 2017, Sai Technology today growing in the Market with our valuable customer and global brand products.

Sai Technology distributes and delivered the best and the most famous brands in the country. And offers a suite of value-added services to meet different needs of brands.


Bringing technology products closer to every Citizen

Enabling swift and effective distribution of product categories like Smartphones and Wearables

The Telecom Distribution is a specialized division of Sai Technology for omni-channel distribution of smartphones and wearable devices across all urban and major markets in India. Sai Technology understands the dynamic nature of this segment and has developed infrastructure & expertise to meet the needs of the smartphone industry.